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On this page, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about our company, our products, and our services. If you can’t find the answer to your question, you may email us at info@iss-phil.com or call (02) 8899-2185.

We are a distributor of OEM hard disk drives importing high stocks of internal desktop and laptop HDDs to be made available to sub-distributors and resellers in the Philippines.

The term OEM means “original equipment manufacturer” which refers to a company that makes a part or piece of another company’s product. In our case, OEM drives are primarily HDDs that were specially made for system builders or computer manufacturers. When they have an oversupply of HDDs, they forward their excess drives for recertification, repacking, and distribution to us.

In terms of practicality, there are few differences between OEM drives and regular drives. They are basically the same hard drive but the intended markets for the two differ. The photo comparisons and the table below will further illustrate the differences between these two.

OEM Hard Disk Drive

Regular Hard Disk Drive

HDD Features and Topics OEM Drives Regular Drives
Target Market Resellers, Custom PC Builders, or CCTV and Surveillance Equipment Companies Consumer
Brand and Model Same Same
Specifications Same Same
Warranty Period Shorter Longer
Product Returns and Replacement Services Local OEM Distributor HDD Manufacturer
Packaging Sealed Anti-Static Bag Box, Manuals, Cables
Price Low-cost Expensive

RMA drives are defective HDDs that consumers returned to the manufacturer which the latter has repaired intended for reselling or as replacement.

OEM drives are unsold, unused, or excess HDDs forwarded to local distributors for recertification and distribution.

We carry stocks of Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, and Maxtor hard drives – all original and recertified to guarantee their good-as-new quality for our clientele.

Our flagship product is internal hard drives for desktops in both SATA and IDE interfaces with an extensive array of available storage capacities, brands, and models. We also have internal hard drives for laptops offered in selected storage capacities, brands, and models. For external or portable HDDs, please check with our Sales team for availability.

IDE and SATA are different types of interfaces to connect storage devices (like hard drives) to a computer’s system bus. SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (or Serial ATA) and IDE is also called Parallel ATA or PATA. SATA is the newer standard and SATA drives are faster than PATA (IDE) drives. [Source: http://www.diffen.com]

Comparison Chart IDE SATA
Stands for / AKA IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics / PATA: Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment Serial ATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.
Advantages Maximum compatibility Inexpensive, large storage capacity.
Disadvantages Lacks support for new technology such as native command queuing and hot-plugging hard drives Lower MTBF than SAS (700,000 hours to 1.2 million hours of use at 25 °C), less suited for servers.
Hot plugging (add/remove component while the computer is running) IDE interface does not support hot plugging SATA interface supports hot plugging
Speed data transfers at the rate of up to 133MB/s Data transfers at the rate of 150MB/s to 6.0GB/s.
Data cable Ribbon-like, wide, can be up to 18 inches long Narrow, can be up to a meter (roughly 3ft) long. Power and data split into two connections.
Lineage Superseded by SATA Supersedes Parallel ATA (PATA) aka IDE
Year Created 1986 2003
Jumpers In a computer system, it’s possible to have more than one hard drive. To connect multiple IDE drives, you need to chain the ribbon cables from one to the next. The computer system has no idea which is the main drive, from which to load the OS. SATA drives don’t use jumpers. Each drive connects directly to the motherboard. To set the primary drive, you can access the settings from the computers BIOS (special software that runs when you start the computer).

We commonly refer to 2.5” HDDs as laptop drives, while 3.5” refers to desktop drives. Apart from both form factors being different in terms of size and purpose, 2.5” drives usually have lower power consumption, lower capacity, and lower cache.

For desktop SATA drives, we have a wide range of storage capacities available from 80GB to 2.0TB, while our IDE stocks for desktop HDDs range from 40GB to 500GB. For laptop SATA drives and higher capacities, please check with your ISS-I Agent for availability.

Yes. Our stocks of OEM drives were originally made for hard working devices and infrastructures such as servers, TV video recorders, or high end manufacturer equipment which makes them perfectly capable of running 24/7. This feature is especially ideal for 24-hour video surveillance.

When compared to regular drives for consumers and OEM drives straight from the manufacturer, we offer far more cost-efficient options for our customers. Our HDD pricing can also vary depending on the quantity and requirements of a sub-distributor or reseller. Request for a price quote HERE or call (02) 8899-2185 today.

Yes. We require a minimum of 10 pieces and a minimum total amount of PhP 10,000 per transaction. This is to ensure that we remain faithful to our core customers – dealers, resellers, custom PC builders, and CCTV & video surveillance equipment companies.

Yes. Our FREE delivery service is available for customers within Metro Manila only. For a minimum quantity of 10 pieces and amount of PhP 10,000 for single purchase transactions, we will deliver your orders free of charge.

For customers outside Metro Manila but within Luzon, we can arrange for your purchases to be delivered via LBC or your preferred courier service. The cost of which shall be shouldered by the customer.

Our standard cut-off time for next-day deliveries within Metro Manila is 3:00 PM daily. All purchases confirmed after 3:00 PM will be scheduled at least TWO (2) days after. Next-day deliveries are almost always guaranteed when orders are placed before 3:00 PM, but, in the event that our delivery schedules and routes are booked full early in the day, we will be arranging the soonest available schedule to complete the delivery of your purchases.

Our FREE delivery service does not cover the Visayas and Mindanao areas. What we do is we acquire the services of domestic logistics companies for purchases outside Metro Manila and Luzon. Customers can choose air or sea freight delivery depending on their ideal cost and time requirements. Standard shipping and delivery fees apply to all our Vis/Min customers.

Yes. Standard shipping and handling fees apply for deliveries outside Metro Manila. (i.e. Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)

Recertified HDDs have been submitted to rigorous testing to confirm that they pass the quality and reliability requirements for consumer use. Once they pass the tests performed, we can verify that the drives are still, in fact, in a working, good-as-new state.

Companies that perform recertification in their factories must use licensed software and have experienced engineers operate on proper systems. It also helps that the company doing recertification on HDDs are authorized by the manufacturer

We make sure that all hard disk drives are fully-tested and submitted to a rigid quality control process. We use our proprietary software to test all the drives before they are declared good for selling. ISS-I’s software is a non-intrusive test tool for any type of hard disk drive interface including ATA, IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSA, IEEE 1394, and Fiber Channel. It detects and identifies the type, manufacturer, and model, then automatically selects the appropriate set of test parameters to commence the functional testing of the drive. This technology is conventional PC-based software and is amenable to scaling the existing manufacturing capacity infinitely. We believe, as substantiated by actual test data, that our software technology produces the highest quality and yield of any recertified hard disk drives in the industry.

Yes. For the most part, this is a valuable service we offer to our clients. Our HDD repair and recertification services are available for any HDD distributor or dealer to acquire should they need a cost-efficient option for HDD reselling or reuse. Contact our team HERE for more information on this service.

When it comes to our HDDs for reselling, we essentially do not have to perform repairs on most of them since they typically have been declared good for selling before being imported. Primarily, we would only need to perform tests for the purpose of recertifying our OEM hard disk drives to confirm that they are still, in fact, in a working, good-as-new state after having been shipped from the US to the Philippines. This process helps us guarantee the highest quality of HDDs possible for our customers.

Yes, we do. You can check the ISS-I Limited Warranty coverage HERE for more information.

HDDs purchased from ISS-I are classified as OEM hard drives. This means your local OEM distributor is authorized to provide you with warranty support. In this case, we, ISS-I Intelligent Storage Solutions Inc, are your local OEM distributor.

Please see our warranty stickers attached to your ISS-I hard disk drive to check the applicable warranty date for your purchased item. You can also go to Warranty Validation to verify whether your hard disk drive is still covered by our warranty service.

We guarantee outright replacement for all defective hard disk drives purchased from ISS-I provided that they are covered by our warranty service. You can check the ISS-I Limited Warranty coverage HERE for the information you need. If it is your first time requesting for a replacement on your defective hard drive, please take time read our standard Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy HERE. The following steps will guide you in processing your replacement request:

Step 1: Check if your defective HDD is still covered by our warranty service. You can go to our Warranty Validation page to verify the information. If your HDD is still covered by our warranty service, you may proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Accomplish our RMA Request Pull-out Form which you can download HERE or you can fill out and submit one online. Please make sure to fill in the required fields for us to easily and quickly process your request.

Step 3: Our Customer Support team will provide you with an update via email or telephone once we have received your request. You will be given your unique reference number which you can use when asking for updates on your request.

Step 4: Properly package the HDD for transport and wait for our confirmation that we are ready to pick up the drive or receive it via courier. If the HDD is to be shipped via courier, please double the packaging to avoid any physical damage to the HDD.

(Note: For Metro Manila customers, we offer free pickup and drop-off services for RMA requests. For Vis/Min customers, you will pay for the shipping charge from you to ISS-I and we will pay the fees when we send you your replacement drive.)

Step 5: Upon pull-out or receipt of your HDD by ISS-I, wait for 5 to 7 working days for us to deliver or ship out your replacement drive.

Once we have pulled out or received your defective drive, your replacement request will be processed within 5 to 7 working days.

If you are a local business owner in the computer sales and services industry, we offer a cost-efficient alternative to your digital storage system needs. Find out more about being an ISS-I partner by expressing your interest via email to info@iss-phil.com or by requesting the assistance of our Sales Team at (02) 8899-2185.

Yes. We are capable of performing professional data recovery services for both software and hardware-based jobs. We work with well-trained engineers and we are equipped with the most advanced methods and systems that ensure the highest success rate in data retrieval in the Philippines. In addition, our facility in Las Pinas City includes a state-of-the-art Clean Room to provide our clients with the safest environment for open hard drive operations. For more information or assistance, visit the ISS-EYAN Data Recovery Center website HERE or call our customer service hotline at (02) 8899-2185.